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THE SLOW SLIDERS - Glissade Tranquille CD


DIGIPACK CD 8 tracks
KTB64 / EG002
Kythibong / Eminence Grise 2018

01. Impalos
02. It's Hard To Hate
03. Tell Me More
04. Pady
05. Empty Days
06. Lesneu
07. Pégase
08. I'm Dead Anyway

The Slow Sliders :
Axel De La Pinta, Clovis Le Pivert, Gwenvael Mordret, Victor Gobbé
Recorded between august and october 2016 at Cocoon and Avant Garde Studio by Olivier Bastide and Victor Blanchard
Mixed by Olivier Bastide
Mastered by Rumble Sound Studio
Photos by Magad (Gavotte Misaine)
Design by Père Dophile