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THE HEALTHY BOY - Jusqu'à ce que nous soyons repus - CD


Jewelbox CD 9 tracks
Kythibong 2008

01. There are things
02. To hug my rose
03. Time to escape
04. A fire burns
05. Ashes
06. Fight fire with fire
07. Dancing burning bodies
08. Last glance
09. Days turn

THE HEALTHY BOY is Benjamin Nerot
Guests : Eric Aldéa, Ivan Chiossone, Franck Laurino
Recorded and mixed in Nantes in December 2007 and June 2008 by Antoine Bellanger except "Time to escape" and "Days turn" recorded in Lyon in Juin 2008 by Cédric Beron
Mastered by Ivan Chiossone
Painting by Adélaïde Gaudéchoux
Pic by Vincent Pouplard